All about Kratom: Uses, Best Place to Buy, Dosage, Strains

Kratom is the easy name for a tropical tree named Mitragyna Speciosa and it belong to the coffee family, it has origin in Southeast Asia.many countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar are using kratom for traditional medicines, it was very famous since nineteenth century due to the opioid properties and stimulant effects it kratom has reached United States and people are crazy about this herb.

Native uses of kratom

Many tribes where kratom tree commonly grows are using it for traditional medicine making, they can chew the leaves or make powder by drying them after that it can be used to treat muscles pain and boosting the energy, it increases the appetite and even sexual desire is improved it has better effects as compared with coca.

Natives were in habit of using the leaves of kratom tree to heal wounds and also use it for anesthetic purpose.some common diseases for which kratom leaves were used are dry cough, diarrhea and other intestinal infections.for children they work as a deworming agent.

Many workers doing hard physical work like working in mines and other laborious professions use kratom leaves to pull off the exhaustion and as a pain killer agent.kratom work wonders for enhancing the mood of a person.natives of Thailand use to present kratom leaves as a snack to their guests.though the herb is bitter in taste they combine it with some sweetener to diffuse the taste.

Kratom used as opioids        

In early nineteenth centuray Malaysian government allowed the use of kratom as a substitute than Thailand government also allowed its use for medical purposes and for withdrawal from the 2016 there was some issues with the use of kratom so some countries banned its use as an opioid substitute.

There is no proper data since kratom is quite a new thing in U.S they are not well aware of its previous effects so it is difficult to detect it by the typical drug screening tests.

People now want to manage their pains by using kratom and for that they just don’t want any prescription, they purchased it just by looking at the online reviews.many people are engaged in treating their opioid addiction by using just kratom without knowing the safety issues and efficacy of the herb.

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